Spring Program

Tranformational Outdoor Track & Field


High School and Middle School Varsity and Junior Varsity Athletes


The Spring Program is a comprehensive set of services, inluding but not limited to:
* In-home consultation
* Individualized training plan
* Functional movement screening
* Blood lactate testing or in-depth biomechanical analysis at begining and end of program
* 13 weeks of progressive training
* Two workouts per week
* Individualized racing strategy
* 1:8 Coach to athlete ratio
* Pinnacle Lifestyle series
* Private shoe fitting


March 15 — June 10, 2017
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Sundays 10am-12pm


LaSalle University and other greater Philadelphia running locations, inlcuding Wissahickon Park and John M Hines Park



Spring Training Program

Pinnacle Performance’s Spring Training program is designed to provide athletes with an opportunity to supplement their scholastic team’s spring training with personalized training. At the beginning and conclusion of the spring program, athletes are tested using their choice of blood lactate testing or advanced biomechanical analysis. Testing helps athletes monitor success during the spring program, and helps coaches to make adjustments in each athletes training based on current growth and challenges. We offer practice two times per week during this busy season to allow athletes the ability to blend our training with their scholastic training. While workouts are indivudualized, each training session is broken into groups to allow our athletes to train with other dedicated and competitive peers, making our practices fun and competitive. Athlete chosen music, provided water and Gatorade, and post workout meetings punctuate each practice. The coaching staff carefully monitors our athlete’s heath and athletic progress throughout the spring season to maximize end-of-year racing performance. Each week, families and athletes will get a personalized progress update from their athlete’s coach.

In addition to on-the-track training and testing, athletes will have full access to our Pinnacle Lifestyle series led by our staff sports psychologist and sports nutritionist. Each week, athletes and thier families participate in the hands-on educational events led by our staff professionals. Events inlcude mini workshops at practice, large and small group lectures, grocery store tours, webinars, and cooking demos.

The Spring Program has groups for middle distance, distance, and sprinters. Our Spring Program also has a training group for athletes from other sports that are looking for an edge and further develop their speed and power.