"My experience with Coach Martin was about so much more than just track and field. Yes, he made me an athlete I never imagined I could be through his deep knowledge of and passion for the sport. But he also molded me into a better person--stronger, confident, more self-aware, and one that I can be proud of. He inspired me everyday, willing me to dream big because he believed in those dreams himself. I've never seen someone so committed to the bigger picture of his role as “coach,” and I'm the person I am today because of how much he truly lived by that commitment."

Taylor Hennig 2:09 800m 55.6 400m

"Robin Martin without a doubt lives for the sport of Track and Field. During my time under his tutelage I saw enormous amounts of growth on and off the track. Robin is the kind of guy who will get you to not only see the bigger picture but truly believe in yourself as an athlete and a person. Throughout my career, he always believed in me as he stood by me at my peaks and lifted me up when I was low. Very few people in the world get to live their dream, Robin Martin is one such individual who gives back by dedicating his life’s work to bringing the dreams of others to reality."

Drew Magaha 1:48 800m

"In the two years I ran under Coach Martin, I improved week after week and to such a level I never thought possible. Before my time with Coach Martin, I had set goals that I wanted to achieve but didn't necessarily know how to reach them on my own. Once taken under his wing, he saw the untapped potential in me when I often doubted myself. Through his personalized training and workouts, one-on-one discussions, constant guidance, and everlasting belief that I can work to anything I set my sights on, I achieved many personal bests both on and off the track. Not only did he shape me into the high level runner I became by the end of my collegiate career but he molded me into the confident, driven person I am today."

Chelsea Delaney 2:09 800m

"Coach Martin continually took me to the next level in track and field – he recognized my raw potential in high school and his collegiate training made me into a 3-time NCAA Championships qualifier. During that time he imparted his training principles based on scientific research, boundless commitment to teamwork and unwavering drive to be the best. With Coach, I couldn’t stop improving and I wish I had more than the 4 years with him."

Tom Timmins 51.18 400m hurdles

"Robin Martin is without question one of the most technically knowledgeable and motivated track and field coaches in America. Anyone who has the opportunity to be coached by him will see the difference in their performance immediately. He will transform you as an athlete and a competitor."

Nathan Taylor 16-time Ivy League Champion Coach and Olympic Coach for U.S. Virgin Islands

In the two years I ran for Coach Martin, I saw a significant improvement in my 800 time. Coach Martin was always willing to spend extra time to help his athletes succeed, and tailored training to each person's specific needs. Not only did he help me excel physically, but also taught me about the mental side of sport. I will always appreciate the work Coach Martin put in to help me grow as a runner.

Carey Celata 2:07 800m

"Running under someone like Coach Martin for four years was exactly the experience I had hoped for when I made the transition to collegiate running. His desire to see me succeed matched that of my own and drove me to work hard on and off the track to achieve my potential. His vast knowledge and understanding of the sport made him an invaluable resource, and his efforts to get to know me as more than just a runner shows just how much he cares for his athletes. His passion for the sport is infectious, and anyone running under him feeds off this energy."

John Truman 8:33 3000m

Coach Martin is an incredibly invested coach who pushes good athletes to be great. He encourages his athletes to dream bigger and strive for success they never thought to be attainable. During my time at Penn, Coach Martin developed highly tailored work out regimes for me and scheduled frequent goal planning sessions. He always kept moral high and worked closely with me to set and ultimately achieve my goals, athletically and beyond. I watched Coach Martin transform athletes from high school studs into Penn Relay Champions all because he was hyper-cognizant of each athlete’s needs, boundaries, strengths and weaknesses. He also managed to make the typically stressful environment of Division 1 track and field, fun.

Ariana Tabatabaie 2:13 800m

Coach Martin joined Penn’s coaching staff during my freshman year as an assistant middle distance coach. As I grew into an experienced, proven miler, Coach Martin developed into a seasoned coach and mentor, becoming the leader of Penn’s Track & Field program. Under his training and guidance, I went from having a 4:27 PR in the mile as an incoming freshman to running 3:45 in the 1500m, the sixth-fastest time in Penn’s history, by the time I graduated. Coach Martin and I continue to share a strong bond and friendship as I continue my running career, and I will always value the influential role he played in my growth as an athlete and person

Michael Cunningham 4:02 mile

Working with Coach Martin helped grow both my physical and mental abilities for racing as a middle-distance runner while competing in college. I was one of Robin's very first student-athletes at Penn, and trained with him during my final two years there. From the start, Coach Martin worked on a personal level to build a training regiment specific to me. It was driven by our own shared goals, and focused on my growth as a competitor and person. Under this program and his mentorship, I remained healthy through each season, delivered several career best race performances, and developed into one of the team leaders for Penn Track.As a coach, Robin develops all his athletes with effective training, holistic workouts, and a contagious passion for running. Just like with me... For student-athletes that commit to the sport, Coach Martin can lead them to a new level in their running careers.

Alec Bleday 1:56 800m

Robin Martin is a great motivator and knows how to get you to bring out your best.

Darryll Oliver 1:48 800m

In the current era of running science, most anything can be learned with enough time and research. What cannot be taught, however, are the tangibles of true athletics spirit and performance. It is clear that Robin has a gift when it comes to working with athletes, be it in a casual setting or on the athletic field. He is able to communicate to and inspire those around him which is essential, especially for younger runners at a time in life when students are going through many changes in their personal lives. Robin is there to not only get his runners to run fast and attain remarkable heights in athletics, but also is able to get his athletes to be focused and considerate individuals. Having been to some of the highest levels in sport, Robin is able to communicate through his experience the important facets of developing well-rounded athletes and individuals. It was a pleasure to be coached by Robin during my collegiate career.

Ben Fletcher 4:13 mile

Robin is able to build and motivate athletes to perform at the limits of their ability (this was particularly relevant for an athlete like myself, as I joined a D1 track team as a walk-on). Despite my average high school performances, Coach Martin genuinely invested in my development as an athlete and a person for four years. I attribute my ever-so-moderate running success in college (limited by my talent, not his coaching!) to Robin’s ability to get my butt motivated: he made me realize that I can, in fact, “always do one more” interval.Plus, Robin is a genuinely good person who makes it fun to show up to practice. You can’t underestimate how important it is to have fun at practice!

John Foye 4:10 mile